About me

My name Jonah Aline Daniel and I am a Clinical Energetic Herbalist practicing in Sonoma County. I work with the deepest respect for the wisdom and integrity of medicinal plants. My goal as a practitioner is to support people to live lives with more balance, dignity, belonging and power.

Jonah in a chair

Jonah Aline Daniel

What is Energetic Herbalism?

Energetic Herbalism works with the energy and spiritual properties of plants. Physical, emotional, and spiritual issues all have energetics; specific ways in which energy moves or doesn’t move. Plants also have very specific energetics- ways they move inside the physical body and energetic field of a person. With knowledge of the energetics of plants and the energetics of people and their struggles, plants can be chosen carefully to move or unwind stuck or dense energies, smooth or rejoin fractured energy, and that’s just the beginning.

Plants can be allies through the challenges of our lives.

I have a certificate of Clinical Energetic Herbalism from the Blue Otter School in Fort Jones, California and continue to study with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at Blue Otter. Most of what I know about plants and about energetics, I have learned through my study with and through their teachings. I have also done clinical work supervised by Margi Flint in Marblehead, Massachusets. I am accepting new clients and would be thrilled and honored to be your herbalist.

More about my work:IMG_1387

I am a community-based healer, grounded in the wisdom of the body and the tremendous capacity of our bodies, our communities, and our world to heal and transform. In my work, I honor the sacredness of land and ancestors, the power of spirit, and the preciousness of life.

I have 15 years of experience working in movements for Racial, Economic, Gender and Environmental Justice as well as Healing Justice and Disability Justice, from a variety of social locations. I know how essential the landscapes of our lives are in our healing paths, and I know
the healing of our selves, our families, and our communities are integral to the healing of our world.

Please click on my card below to contact me to set up an appointment; I look forward to hearing from you.



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