All Candles are made from 100% California Beeswax and are hand dipped and poured by Jonah. The wax is from the Bee Healthy Honey Shop in Oakland, CA,

8 and 12 Tealight Boxes12 in tapers and Bundle 5 small tapersBag 4 6 in tapers & bag 10 pairs small tapersPlaited Candles

Other Candles and itesm for Sale

1 pair Mini-Tapers $2
2 Candles that burn approximately 70 minutes each

1 pair 6″ Tapers $7 Burns 3-4 hours

Lavender and Flax filled Eye Pillow  $16
This Eye Pillow is handmade from Thai Silk, and filled with Organic Flax and Organic Lavender Buds.

Color Choices: Earth Tones Palette or Jewel Tones Palette.

I will have a Fragrance Free Eye pillow coming soon- fill out a contact form if you would to hear when its ready (link to contact form


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